Welcome to the home of “Guinness Down Under” the story of how the iconic brew and the family came to Australia and New Zealand in the mid-1800s.

Guinness is a name instantly recognised the world over – the famous stout has been brewed at St James’s Gate in Dublin for over 250 years, and is now brewed under contract in fifty countries. Over nine million glasses of Guinness are drunk each day, and Australia and New Zealand are a small but significant part of that success.

“Guinness Down Under” is a never-before-told story, the result of extensive research over many years in several countries.  The brand itself was established in Australia and New Zealand through exports and eventually in-country brewing, and the family history records how four grandsons of Arthur and Olivia Guinness, Arthur Burke, Michael Burke, Frank Guinness and Rev William Guinness, made a new life Down Under, where many of their descendants remain to this day.

As well as describing events in Australia and New Zealand, the book sets the background in Ireland -  the achievements of the grandsons, Edward Burke and John Burke, who launched the Guinness export business and its demise 100 years later; and the family members who nurtured Arthur Guinness’ legacy over five generations until the company merged into a new empire.

But there is more than just history. Woven through the book are the imaginary reminiscences and letters of Sarah Anne Guinness who went with her father Rev William Guinness to Melbourne in 1855, married and lived in New Zealand and Fiji. They give a unique and poignant insight into the life of just one member of this remarkable family.







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