The All Blacks and Guinness Shandy

New Zealand’s All Blacks have made much history in their time, and according to one writer they’ve even left their mark in the world of Guinness. In his “Book of Guinness Advertising” published in 1985 Brian Sibley.  He credits the team as being the probable inventors of the Guinness Shandy – blending the stout with lemonade.  “It is rumoured,” he writes, “to have started with the New Zealand rugby team during a British tour. After a game they ordered Guinness and lemonade mistaking it for bitter shandy, and found it extremely refreshing”.   Apart from that brief explanation the origins of the Guinness Shandy are a mystery. Even Google appears to be at a loss, though there is some debate about whether the lemonade should be poured before or after the Guinness.  Eibhlin Colgan, Archivist at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, has advised that the company has no record of when and where the All Blacks came to be associated with the combination.

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